Vertical Blinds

Our Vertical Blinds are ideal for adjusting the light and controlling the privacy in your home. With a simple rotation of the blades your windows will become extremely versatile and will block out light fully or allow it to stream in completely. Our vertical blinds come with chained weights or chain-less, or your can even choose to have the weights sewn into the blades. They are an easy, practical, and stylish solution for your home.


Focus Vertical Swatch

1.White 10. Sandstone 19. Mocha 2.Dove 11. Latte 20. Buff 3. Alabaster 12. Beechwood 21. Jarrah 4. Linen 13. Pumice 22. Tempest 5. Cream 14. Espresso 23. Charcoal 6. Wheat 15. Haze 24. Ebony 7. Vanilla 16. Stone 25.Azure 8. Sand 17. Putty 26. Sea Spray 9. Cotton 18. Cloud 27.Clay Pipe