Timber Venetians Blinds

Our timber venetian blinds offer a natural and organic style that is a great alternative to painted blinds. We guarantee that these blinds will be durable and reliable for many years to come. We only use hardwood to manufacture our timber venetian blinds to ensure their long life and natural look in your home. Each one of these blinds is made on site with the same level of quality that we would expect to put into our own homes.

Timber Venetian Blinds

2 Timbers Recessed

Timber Venetian Blinds available in 5 colours Espresso, Capuccino, Dark Cedar, Jarrah and Cherry to suit any decor in any home. Venetian Blinds gives the user control over privacy and light in one simple blind.

3 Timbers in Recess

Timber Venetian Blinds can be recessed into the window frame in most cases providing clean lines the will blend with most decors.

Corner Timber With Sheer

Timber in Dining

Double Timber Venetian

Timber Under Eyelet Curtain

Timber Under Eyelet Sheer

Pelmets over Timber